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Demons Ran
the story after the demons ran
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the story after the demons ran
You have found yourself in the 52nd century, amongst the derelict ruins that were once Demon's Run, the infamous battleground of the Doctor and the Clerics. Whether or not you know the stories of Demon's Run, it's clearly been abandoned in the aftermath of a war. The fighting has only recently subsided, for bodies can still be found in dark corners of the military base.

You have no knowledge as to how you suddenly found yourself here. But if you think hard enough, the last thing you can remember is an echoing, rattling breath...

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18th-Jul-2011 04:05 pm - You are not alone
Kettle and String
The Doctor and Jo had found a surveillance room, much to The Doctor's delight. In rather short order he'd set to work, his hat left on a chair as he approached the console. The screens flickered, one of them showing damage from impact of some sort, but he didn't seem bothered by it. The power was failing, but the room offered an opportunity to not only find the quickest way to the source (or sources, the place was rather large), but he might even be able to unlock a few doors.

"Right, video will draw power from all over the station, but a little announcement over the intercom shouldn't hurt. Stay ready by that station Jo." He pointed to another seat. "We'll both have to tend to this if I'm not the only one out there." He scratched his head a moment, before finally settling on a button that looked like a general intercom. There was no telling if any of the speakers would work, or if the power would cut out when he spoke, but in the very least, he might be able to find where the Third Doctor had wandered off to, or if any others had shown up, like Jo.

"Hello, is anyone -ear a comm--ions panel?" The lights flickered slightly in the middle of his announcement, part of his mildly cheery greeting cutting out.

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9th-Jul-2011 12:16 pm - My Own Romana
let me explain
The Doctor was clearly growing rather upset with Romana, pointing inside the TARDIS “Inside, that’s an order!”

She simply smiled with an amused tilt of her head, “No more orders, Doctor. Goodbye.”

Romana felt staying to help the Tharils was the right decision. They needed a Time Lord to help them rebuild. Of course she very well may never be able to leave E-Space again, but it was a sacrifice she felt she needed to make. This civilization needed help to be remade without making the same mistakes they had in the past. They needed her guidance.

“Well, what a moment to choose!” The Doctor said with exasperation.

She smiled, “But it is, isn’t it? The moment to choose. I’ve got to be my own Romana.”

"Goodbye, Doctor." Romana nodded, preparing to leave with Lazlo, only the Doctor told her to wait and gave her K-9 to take with her and she promised to take care of him.

“I’ll miss you!” he called before heading toward the door to his TARDIS, “You were the noblest Romana, of them all!”

Those words echoed in her ears and then that was the last thing she remembered before waking in a strange dark hallway. This wasn't E-Space. She blinked at the strange and entirely unfamiliar surroundings, "Doctor?"


"Lazlo?" Still no response, "K-9?"

6th-Jul-2011 08:25 pm - Sending a Message [Eleven and Amy]
Last Time
After feeling confident enough to leave Martha Jones to her own exploration, River set off through the murky darkness of Demons Run. She strode with determination, with a hard look in her eye and a swing of her hand that never strayed too far from her holster. She had many questions and not enough answers. Martha had been the only other person she'd come across so far, and it appeared they had both been pulled here at random.

But River was clever and bitter enough to know that things didn't happen at random.

Reaching a door, she looked over the control, examining the pad that was unlit and apparently broken. She tried the handle and the door opened freely, leading her into a viewing deck on the side of the base. She slowed as she reached the window, staring out at the blackness that extended into the star-strewn sky. Miles and miles of Demons Run lay across the asteroid and surrounding rocks, hovering eerily in the empty atmosphere from the help of the Headless Monks.

Tearing her eyes from the view, she crossed to the nearby wall panel, attempting to activate the screen and get an idea of how the situation with Demons Run was looking. After all, if it was abandoned, it would eventually shut down. That meant a loss of light, power. Even oxygen. The screen flickered pitifully under her numerous attempts to trigger it. It flashed up a brief warning before the screen went black once more.

With an 'ugh' of frustration, River turned away, returning to the observation window. Resting her hands against the railing, she sighed heavily, bowing her head. Too many thoughts were bombarding her mind. She needed to clear her worries and concentrate. There had to be a reason. Why was she back here? The place she was born? The place the Doctor found out who she truly was.

She was immediately suspicious of Kovarian, but so far, the base appeared deserted. She had passed soldiers slain from their battle with the Doctor and his friends. Their state led her to believe it was only a matter of weeks since the Doctor took Demons Run.

Had his victory caused this? Something that had pulled her out of the future and returned her to the dark day where she was lost to Kovarian and the Clerics.

But she had been alright.

Her gaze dropped again, staring at her hands as they gripped the railing.

She hadn't been alright.

"Damn you, Doctor," she breathed through gritted teeth, lifting her head and staring out at the view of space.

Where was he now? 

Melody Pond was in need of her Doctor once more.

Her computer signal was suffering. It'd drop long before it reached the TARDIS. The power failure here meant a distress call was going to take a lot longer than it should do. She chewed over her options, until an idea struck her. With a flash of a smile, she reached into her pouch, pulling out her diary, an item that was far too big to fit into such a small space.

Biting her lower lip in concentration, River knelt upon the hard grated floor, flipping through her diary pages and finding the pieces she needed. Setting her diary to one side, she carefully began to assemble glass-like panels across the floor in front of her. Every piece was perfectly aligned, set into a pattern that only she understood. Concentrating, she closed her eyes as she assembled her mental message, carrying her thoughts and projecting them. The transparent shapes began to shimmer, steadily dragging themselves together across the rough surface to form a box shape. Her thoughts were locked inside, glowing a warm, sultry golden colour. 

Opening her eyes, River picked up the physic container from the floor, smiling to herself as she turned it over in her hands. "One message ready to go," she said, getting to her feet.

She walked over the deck, opening the panel of the rubbish chute. She kissed the side of the glowing box, wishing it all the luck it needed before she dropped it into the tunnel, letting the gravity system suck it out of the ship.

Satisfied, she turned away from the window, planning on investigating the next layer of Demons Run, hoping that the Doctor, wherever he was, received the message. It would only be a Doctor who understood her Time Lord qualities, and therefore a Doctor who understood the dangers of Demons Run.

She was just about to leave the observation deck when there was a quiet rattle behind her. Slowing her walk, River felt herself tense, her fingers slipping around the cool handle of her Alpha Meson gun. She steadily glanced over her shoulder, seeing the chute door shudder indignantly to whatever force was attacking it. Wary, she raised her weapon, slowly advancing on the chute once more. She had only managed a few steps when the metal door smashed open with a clang. The Hypercube spiralled back onto the asteroid, bolting towards River. 

She ducked with a gasp, the box skimming through her hair and racing down the corridor, excitedly twisting and turning as it went.

River stared after it as it disappeared around the corner, laughing to herself in disbelief.

"He's already here."
5th-Jul-2011 08:19 pm(no subject)
Jo scared
Jo clung to Bert as the lift plummeted. There was nothing else she could do except for lie on the floor and try not to feel scared. But it was hard not to be when she knew it would have to stop sometime and that would hurt.

No sooner had she thought about it when the lift slowed down, just a little. She began to hope when it came to a sudden stop. Jo passed out from the impact.

When she woke, she wasn't in the mine any more. Jo pushed herself up and straightened her hard hat. She had imagined someone had rescued them, but this didn't look like anywhere she'd seen in Llanfairfach.

The lights flickered as she stood up. "Then, I'll just have to find my own way back," she said, sounding more confident than she felt.
26th-Jun-2011 08:42 pm - An unfinished Argument
Time logic
“Immature?” The Doctor heard the TARDIS doors close behind him as he crossed his arms against the chill in the underground caverns he'd brought them to. Adric had called him decidedly immature since his regeneration, among other arguments the youth had unkindly spouted off against him. The Doctor was not about to risk taking the TARDIS back to E-space, and he was more than insulted that Adric thought he could duplicate the complex calculations The Monitor had been conducting on Logopolis before all the mess with The Master had started.

He let out a frustrated sigh that sounded strange in the caves as he glanced over at the TARDIS angrily. He knew Adric could see him on the monitor, he'd made certain to stay within sight of it. Trouble was a habit after all, and the last thing he wanted was for...

He blinked as the TARDIS seemed to fade slightly, then pulse gently back into focus.

“Adric?” What was he up to? He knew The Doctor was outside, and the young Alzarian could only pilot the TARDIS by accident. “Adric, what are you doing?! Nyssa!” He practically shouted as he reached for the door, and his hand passed into thin air as the image of his beautiful time machine faded completely. For a moment a shocked, almost panicked look registered on his face. “What?” He stepped back, half-hoping the TARDIS would re-materialize but when it didn't, he searched the ground and the walls before backing up from the spot. “No.” He hadn't heard the engines, nor had he gotten the sense that the TARDIS was about to leave. Whatever had happened, it hadn't been piloted away, accidentally or otherwise.

“Well, old boy, looks like we have a problem.” He worriedly glanced about him, pinpointing a dull source of light in the darkness and started to walk toward it. Finding a door, he pulled it open and stopped stock-still as he surveyed the dark, rank hall it emptied into. He tried not to let the revulsion show on his face too much as he looked down at a body which had slumped in front of the door. He had to step over the fallen form of the human as he quietly closed the door behind him and started down the hallway cautiously.
20th-Jun-2011 10:21 pm - A Good Man Returns To Face His Demons
He wished he could see their faces.

Oh, how he longed to see Amy's Bambi-brown eyes widen, whilst Rory's jaw gape beneath the longest nose seen since the Great Emperor of Cra'kil had requested his nation to weave a handkerchief for his 1302nd birthday.

But time was precious. Which was wonderfully ironic if you happened to be the last Time Lord.

Of course River would have to explain it fully. The Gallifreyan lettering on his cot wouldn't provide the same wave of euphoria and relief it had for him. She would have to think fast. Perhaps faster than she'd ever had to think before in her life.

The Doctor suddenly felt a savage pang of remorse. He had left Amy in an incredibly dark place back there. And he could never pretend to understand the pain he had inflicted upon her. That raw stab of loss. In a blink of an eye her world had crumbled around her, leaving only a dark emptiness in its wake. Even if he did manage to bring Melody back, nothing he could say or do would fully fill that void. Time could help heal, but the scars would always remain.

That was something he knew he could understand.

Pulling himself from his reverie, the Doctor strode up the steps to the raised control decking, the undulating walls of copper and brass strobing ethereal lights over his features from the console.

Spinning across the smooth glass flooring, his tweedy arms already skimming the nouveau typewriter and adjusting the brass taps, he stabbed in the coordinates. Finding a Time Lord - even one laced with the faint elements of his people - wouldn't be tricky. The Time Vortex herself would inadvertently lead his TARDIS straight to Melody Pond, thanks to the Artron cells that fizzed and fused through her DNA. The pure, untempered time fuel that had taken aeons to evolve and re-evolve within Time Lord genes, had been one of the first things the Doctor had noticed on that medical history holofile.

The way it had knitted its silent golden dance through Melody's blood, writing and rewriting cells faster than any human, had helped confirm both his delight and fear of what it could mean.

But right now, Melody's impossible birth didn't matter. Nor did the designs of Madame Kovarian.

All that counted was the promise he had made to Amy.

Hands falling effortlessly to charge the atom accelerator, to crank the directional pointer or just to ding! the dusty motel service bell for the fun of it, the Doctor guided his TARDIS through the buffering winds of time, in his element, next stop: everywhere.

And that was when everything changed.

With a wheezing, grinding, groaning sigh, the TARDIS landed with a solid thwump!

The Doctor glanced up from the scanner, eyebrows raised. For a long beat all that could be heard was the settling creak of ancient alien engines.


"That's it?!" His voice rang through the burnt-orange room, sounding strangely small without an audience.

Hands moving in broad, confusingly wild gestures, he bounded down the steps.

"Vworp-vworp? Bingo? One semi-skimmed Time Lord to go no fuss?" He still couldn't managed to hide the incredulous edge to his voice.

He flourished a finger at the console.

"Either you're very good..."

The same finger found himself.

"Or I'm very good..."

He rubbed the side of his cheek as he finished nervously,

"Or we're both in a lot of trouble."

Taking a moment to straighten his deep crimson bow tie, more out of habit now, the Doctor purposefully stepped out of the TARDIS, pulling the wooden door closed behind him...

...and stepped into a wall of stagnant air that reeked of only one thing:


Suddenly the Doctor felt a biting chill skitter down his spine like a Racnoss hatchling.

Because the stale stench wasn't the worst aspect of the room.

Nor was the blood red lighting that threw the towering shelf of simple hinged boxes into sharp relief.

It wasn't even the ghostly murmur of the TARDIS as it was stolen into the darkness behind him.

It was the realisation he knew where he was.

Demon's Run.
17th-Jun-2011 10:14 am - Oh dear.
wait what?
The Doctor bristled at the control panel of his TARDIS. It seemed as though the Brigadier had gotten into the habit of sending him off to whatever whim had taken Geneva's fancy that week. Well, he wasn't going to have any of that!

His hands flew over the control panel's switches, levers and dials as he begun to croon out a haunting Venusian aria in a deep baritone. So he didn't notice when the TARDIS slipped into an alternate field and away from where the Doctor was originally headed (which was a side step from the destination the Brigadier had given him).

With a thunk and a sudden power suspension, the TARDIS landed and the Doctor felt that something wasn't right. Of course, it went unheeded as those feelings often did. Instead of worrying, he simplyed flicked the switch that opened the doors and stepped out in a twirl of opera cape and crushed velvet.

...but this wasn't what he was expecting. He was supposed to have landed on one of Jupiter's moons during a month long celebration of children, relationships and marriage. It was supposed to be colourful and jolly, not dark, dank and pungent. However, as he turned back to re-check the coordinates on the TARDIS, it began to dematerialise right before him. With him outside!

"What are you doing?" he asked as the blue police box faded from view. "Come back!" but it was no use. The TARDIS continued to disappear and no amount of shouting was going to bring it back.

The Doctor ran a hand through his silver curls and tried to think of a way he could get the TARDIS back. He had his screw driver, of course but he'd need a stronger power source to boost its connection to his ship so that he could pull it back to him from out of the Space Time Vortex.
14th-Jun-2011 06:53 am - An Undignified Return
Traveling in the TARDIS without the stabilizers and then jumping through universes with the Dimension Cannon came with more than just a healthy sense of humor and a million bruises. It meant you got rather good at making even unexpected landings graceful. Or...dignified, at any rate. Rose liked to think she'd gotten pretty brilliant at it, given the amount of practice she'd had...but she had her limits.

Going from standing in queue to stumbling over boxes and cords and...well...tumbling to the metal floor exceeded that limit.

It was probably beyond human limits, actually. So. She counted that much fortunate.

Well, that, and that she'd apparently been chosen for an exciting new adventure. She'd be properly thrilled about the mystery and excitement of that once she'd scrambled up from her bum and made sure nothing was broken.

First came blinking up at the improbably high ceiling. Then rolling onto her stomach and pushing up (of course she had to choose not to pull her hair back in something today) to get a better look at the room she found herself. From the look of it she'd actually just missed the exciting adventure bit...but something must have just activated to yank her here, and that meant there was still a good chance someone was here pushing buttons.

Or it needed a caretaker.

Yeah, she preferred the pushing buttons thing. "...Hello?"
12th-Jun-2011 03:14 pm - River Returns
River landed on the hard ground with a gasp of shock, feeling her feet stumble at the change in surface below her. She thought she had accidentally teleported with her vortex manipulator, but the wrist strap was still closed. Shaking her hair out of her face, she slowly looked up, the surroundings beginning to sink in.

"No," she breathed to herself when she realised where she was. She had been here only a matter of months ago, that fateful day where the Doctor found out who she was and her parents knew who she was one last time.

Climbing to her feet, she swallowed hard, trying to rationalise this whole situation. Just a few moments ago, she had been sat with the Doctor, setting up base in an old warehouse in 1969 on planet Earth. In only a blink of an eye, she was here, and she had no idea how. Why would she be needed back here? She had moved on from this part of her life. The battle of Demon's Run was well and truly over.
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