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An Undignified Return

Traveling in the TARDIS without the stabilizers and then jumping through universes with the Dimension Cannon came with more than just a healthy sense of humor and a million bruises. It meant you got rather good at making even unexpected landings graceful. Or...dignified, at any rate. Rose liked to think she'd gotten pretty brilliant at it, given the amount of practice she'd had...but she had her limits.

Going from standing in queue to stumbling over boxes and cords and...well...tumbling to the metal floor exceeded that limit.

It was probably beyond human limits, actually. So. She counted that much fortunate.

Well, that, and that she'd apparently been chosen for an exciting new adventure. She'd be properly thrilled about the mystery and excitement of that once she'd scrambled up from her bum and made sure nothing was broken.

First came blinking up at the improbably high ceiling. Then rolling onto her stomach and pushing up (of course she had to choose not to pull her hair back in something today) to get a better look at the room she found herself. From the look of it she'd actually just missed the exciting adventure bit...but something must have just activated to yank her here, and that meant there was still a good chance someone was here pushing buttons.

Or it needed a caretaker.

Yeah, she preferred the pushing buttons thing. "...Hello?"
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