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River Returns

River landed on the hard ground with a gasp of shock, feeling her feet stumble at the change in surface below her. She thought she had accidentally teleported with her vortex manipulator, but the wrist strap was still closed. Shaking her hair out of her face, she slowly looked up, the surroundings beginning to sink in.

"No," she breathed to herself when she realised where she was. She had been here only a matter of months ago, that fateful day where the Doctor found out who she was and her parents knew who she was one last time.

Climbing to her feet, she swallowed hard, trying to rationalise this whole situation. Just a few moments ago, she had been sat with the Doctor, setting up base in an old warehouse in 1969 on planet Earth. In only a blink of an eye, she was here, and she had no idea how. Why would she be needed back here? She had moved on from this part of her life. The battle of Demon's Run was well and truly over.
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