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Well if this isn't just...

"Fucked up piece of..." Hart glances around this is NOT the brothel he was aiming for.

"Shit..." He lets out a frustrated growl and checks the settings on his Vortex Manipulator. According to it.. he should be on that damn pleasure planet, clearly some wires are crosses somewhere. "Great."

Now..What are the chances he can at least get back to where he started from and then work from there. Weeeeeell... maybe not where he started from, that last 'job' was a bit iffy and they aren't too happy with him back there.. Maybe someplace... close.

He adjusts the settings again and presses the button to send him away.


"Well if that isn't just PERFECT." Now what? The damn thing is fried? GREAT. And he has no idea where he is...looks like it's time to explore. Note his complete lack of concern over whether anyone hears him or is around. If there were anyone close he would have noticed them by now, it's not easy to get the jump on him even if he doesn't seem like he's paying attention.

Now to explore. It's clearly a hanger. Dark. In most places, the lights keep flickering on and off, that is going to get annoying real fast, maybe he can find a panel and fix that. By the looks of things, someone has already had fun here. And without him. What a shame.

He makes his way across the open floor toward a door he noticed when he did his initial glance around the room.

Priorites: Find a control panel and fix the fucking lighting. Figure out where in the hell he is. Try not to get killed. (Not necessarily in that order.)

He whistles a little tune on his way, hands ever ready to pull his weapons if the need should arise, but so far every 'body' he's come across, doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. And worse yet, no new toys.. This is really shaping up to be a shit hole.
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