Amelia Pond (praystosanta) wrote in demonsran,
Amelia Pond

This was definitely not where she'd expected to be. Amelia Pond had fallen asleep in her garden, a million years ago and a billion miles away, and now she had woken up in this large, expansive base. Her eyes went wide for a moment, and she almost fell off the suitcase that she had been sleeping on.

When Amelia had imagined the inside of the TARDIS, she had imagined something that was entirely not this. She'd imagined something warmer with a swimming pool in the library and something that really wasn't quite as dark, and gray, and cold. She'd also expected the Doctor to be there.

Ever the practical girl, Amelia buttoned her jacket more tightly, and she pulled the mittens from her pocket and added them as well. She wasn't scared, but she wished that Doctor was around. Deciding that carrying her suitcase wasn't worth it, Amelia took a step forward in the hanger. "Hello?" She called. "Doctor?"
Tags: amelia pond, ianto jones
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