The Fifth Doctor (clevercricketer) wrote in demonsran,
The Fifth Doctor

You are not alone

The Doctor and Jo had found a surveillance room, much to The Doctor's delight. In rather short order he'd set to work, his hat left on a chair as he approached the console. The screens flickered, one of them showing damage from impact of some sort, but he didn't seem bothered by it. The power was failing, but the room offered an opportunity to not only find the quickest way to the source (or sources, the place was rather large), but he might even be able to unlock a few doors.

"Right, video will draw power from all over the station, but a little announcement over the intercom shouldn't hurt. Stay ready by that station Jo." He pointed to another seat. "We'll both have to tend to this if I'm not the only one out there." He scratched his head a moment, before finally settling on a button that looked like a general intercom. There was no telling if any of the speakers would work, or if the power would cut out when he spoke, but in the very least, he might be able to find where the Third Doctor had wandered off to, or if any others had shown up, like Jo.

"Hello, is anyone -ear a comm--ions panel?" The lights flickered slightly in the middle of his announcement, part of his mildly cheery greeting cutting out.

((OOC: Both Jo and Five are available to chat, just note who you want to talk to in the subject of your reply. Feel free to chime in with new threads, or it can be like an old fashioned telephone party-line. It's another chance to meet others on Demons Run, but keep in mind, the power is failing, so the audio will cut out occasionally and it's yet another draw on an already taxed emergency system. There's no telling how long it can last.))
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