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My Own Romana

The Doctor was clearly growing rather upset with Romana, pointing inside the TARDIS “Inside, that’s an order!”

She simply smiled with an amused tilt of her head, “No more orders, Doctor. Goodbye.”

Romana felt staying to help the Tharils was the right decision. They needed a Time Lord to help them rebuild. Of course she very well may never be able to leave E-Space again, but it was a sacrifice she felt she needed to make. This civilization needed help to be remade without making the same mistakes they had in the past. They needed her guidance.

“Well, what a moment to choose!” The Doctor said with exasperation.

She smiled, “But it is, isn’t it? The moment to choose. I’ve got to be my own Romana.”

"Goodbye, Doctor." Romana nodded, preparing to leave with Lazlo, only the Doctor told her to wait and gave her K-9 to take with her and she promised to take care of him.

“I’ll miss you!” he called before heading toward the door to his TARDIS, “You were the noblest Romana, of them all!”

Those words echoed in her ears and then that was the last thing she remembered before waking in a strange dark hallway. This wasn't E-Space. She blinked at the strange and entirely unfamiliar surroundings, "Doctor?"


"Lazlo?" Still no response, "K-9?"

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