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Sending a Message [Eleven and Amy]

After feeling confident enough to leave Martha Jones to her own exploration, River set off through the murky darkness of Demons Run. She strode with determination, with a hard look in her eye and a swing of her hand that never strayed too far from her holster. She had many questions and not enough answers. Martha had been the only other person she'd come across so far, and it appeared they had both been pulled here at random.

But River was clever and bitter enough to know that things didn't happen at random.

Reaching a door, she looked over the control, examining the pad that was unlit and apparently broken. She tried the handle and the door opened freely, leading her into a viewing deck on the side of the base. She slowed as she reached the window, staring out at the blackness that extended into the star-strewn sky. Miles and miles of Demons Run lay across the asteroid and surrounding rocks, hovering eerily in the empty atmosphere from the help of the Headless Monks.

Tearing her eyes from the view, she crossed to the nearby wall panel, attempting to activate the screen and get an idea of how the situation with Demons Run was looking. After all, if it was abandoned, it would eventually shut down. That meant a loss of light, power. Even oxygen. The screen flickered pitifully under her numerous attempts to trigger it. It flashed up a brief warning before the screen went black once more.

With an 'ugh' of frustration, River turned away, returning to the observation window. Resting her hands against the railing, she sighed heavily, bowing her head. Too many thoughts were bombarding her mind. She needed to clear her worries and concentrate. There had to be a reason. Why was she back here? The place she was born? The place the Doctor found out who she truly was.

She was immediately suspicious of Kovarian, but so far, the base appeared deserted. She had passed soldiers slain from their battle with the Doctor and his friends. Their state led her to believe it was only a matter of weeks since the Doctor took Demons Run.

Had his victory caused this? Something that had pulled her out of the future and returned her to the dark day where she was lost to Kovarian and the Clerics.

But she had been alright.

Her gaze dropped again, staring at her hands as they gripped the railing.

She hadn't been alright.

"Damn you, Doctor," she breathed through gritted teeth, lifting her head and staring out at the view of space.

Where was he now? 

Melody Pond was in need of her Doctor once more.

Her computer signal was suffering. It'd drop long before it reached the TARDIS. The power failure here meant a distress call was going to take a lot longer than it should do. She chewed over her options, until an idea struck her. With a flash of a smile, she reached into her pouch, pulling out her diary, an item that was far too big to fit into such a small space.

Biting her lower lip in concentration, River knelt upon the hard grated floor, flipping through her diary pages and finding the pieces she needed. Setting her diary to one side, she carefully began to assemble glass-like panels across the floor in front of her. Every piece was perfectly aligned, set into a pattern that only she understood. Concentrating, she closed her eyes as she assembled her mental message, carrying her thoughts and projecting them. The transparent shapes began to shimmer, steadily dragging themselves together across the rough surface to form a box shape. Her thoughts were locked inside, glowing a warm, sultry golden colour. 

Opening her eyes, River picked up the physic container from the floor, smiling to herself as she turned it over in her hands. "One message ready to go," she said, getting to her feet.

She walked over the deck, opening the panel of the rubbish chute. She kissed the side of the glowing box, wishing it all the luck it needed before she dropped it into the tunnel, letting the gravity system suck it out of the ship.

Satisfied, she turned away from the window, planning on investigating the next layer of Demons Run, hoping that the Doctor, wherever he was, received the message. It would only be a Doctor who understood her Time Lord qualities, and therefore a Doctor who understood the dangers of Demons Run.

She was just about to leave the observation deck when there was a quiet rattle behind her. Slowing her walk, River felt herself tense, her fingers slipping around the cool handle of her Alpha Meson gun. She steadily glanced over her shoulder, seeing the chute door shudder indignantly to whatever force was attacking it. Wary, she raised her weapon, slowly advancing on the chute once more. She had only managed a few steps when the metal door smashed open with a clang. The Hypercube spiralled back onto the asteroid, bolting towards River. 

She ducked with a gasp, the box skimming through her hair and racing down the corridor, excitedly twisting and turning as it went.

River stared after it as it disappeared around the corner, laughing to herself in disbelief.

"He's already here."
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