Jo Jones née Grant (unit_girl) wrote in demonsran,
Jo Jones née Grant

Jo clung to Bert as the lift plummeted. There was nothing else she could do except for lie on the floor and try not to feel scared. But it was hard not to be when she knew it would have to stop sometime and that would hurt.

No sooner had she thought about it when the lift slowed down, just a little. She began to hope when it came to a sudden stop. Jo passed out from the impact.

When she woke, she wasn't in the mine any more. Jo pushed herself up and straightened her hard hat. She had imagined someone had rescued them, but this didn't look like anywhere she'd seen in Llanfairfach.

The lights flickered as she stood up. "Then, I'll just have to find my own way back," she said, sounding more confident than she felt.
Tags: fifth doctor, jo grant
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