The Fifth Doctor (clevercricketer) wrote in demonsran,
The Fifth Doctor

An unfinished Argument

“Immature?” The Doctor heard the TARDIS doors close behind him as he crossed his arms against the chill in the underground caverns he'd brought them to. Adric had called him decidedly immature since his regeneration, among other arguments the youth had unkindly spouted off against him. The Doctor was not about to risk taking the TARDIS back to E-space, and he was more than insulted that Adric thought he could duplicate the complex calculations The Monitor had been conducting on Logopolis before all the mess with The Master had started.

He let out a frustrated sigh that sounded strange in the caves as he glanced over at the TARDIS angrily. He knew Adric could see him on the monitor, he'd made certain to stay within sight of it. Trouble was a habit after all, and the last thing he wanted was for...

He blinked as the TARDIS seemed to fade slightly, then pulse gently back into focus.

“Adric?” What was he up to? He knew The Doctor was outside, and the young Alzarian could only pilot the TARDIS by accident. “Adric, what are you doing?! Nyssa!” He practically shouted as he reached for the door, and his hand passed into thin air as the image of his beautiful time machine faded completely. For a moment a shocked, almost panicked look registered on his face. “What?” He stepped back, half-hoping the TARDIS would re-materialize but when it didn't, he searched the ground and the walls before backing up from the spot. “No.” He hadn't heard the engines, nor had he gotten the sense that the TARDIS was about to leave. Whatever had happened, it hadn't been piloted away, accidentally or otherwise.

“Well, old boy, looks like we have a problem.” He worriedly glanced about him, pinpointing a dull source of light in the darkness and started to walk toward it. Finding a door, he pulled it open and stopped stock-still as he surveyed the dark, rank hall it emptied into. He tried not to let the revulsion show on his face too much as he looked down at a body which had slumped in front of the door. He had to step over the fallen form of the human as he quietly closed the door behind him and started down the hallway cautiously.
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